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This page will eventually be filled in with the actual Canadian National Plumbing Code interpretations and or appeal decisions and, as seen below, they will be stored by the name of the code referrence for quicker searching. The links are being compiled and will be added gradually over time. Until they are all added below you can go directly to the individual "Provincial Interpretation Web Site listed below where the BC interpretations are currently stored.

Most current file added - 2006 code interpretations, file - 43.pdf, January 6, 2021

   Ontario Plumbing Inspectors Association

Interpretation Committee Qualifications in BC

Plumbing Code Reference Number  is Listed First.          

NOT COMPLETED YET; Hundreds more to come Is an infrared device on a urinal considered to be an automatic flushing device (Based on 1995 NPC) If a hose bib has a secondary shut off valve, is it required to be made accessible for maintnenance etc. (Based on 2005 NPC) Location and clearances for fixtures (Based on 1995 NPC) Type of pipe required to drain a sump pump. (Based on 1995 NPC) Construction of on site fixtures, such as shower stall (Based on 1995 NPC) Concealed overflows prohibitted. (Based on 1995 NPC) How to indentify elongater water closet versus regular WC (Based on 1995 NPC) Can P traps under sinks be glued joints if other removable parts exist (Based on 1995 NPC) Where can 90 degree elbows be used in a drainage system. (Based on 2005 NPC) Sewer pipe under a building.(Based on 1995 NPC) Does a hand held shower on a tub deck mount to have thermostatic protection (Based on 1995 NPC) Can pipe be embedded in concrete (Based on 1995 NPC) Frost protection of drain pipes (Based on 1995 NPC)

7.4. RV sewage disposal installations (Based on 1995 NPC) DWV for food displays (Based on 1995 NPC) Closest permitted connection of fixture near bottom of soil and waste stack.(Based on 1995 NPC) Permitted locations of suds pressure zones.  (Based on 2005 NPC) and Venting of grease interceptor. (Based on 1995 NPC) Are all plumbing cleanouts in a hospital required to be 150 mm above the flood level rim of sinks. (Based on 2005 NPC) Does the macimum 900 mm fixture outlet pipe length apply to group drains connected together. (Based on 1995 NPC) Floor drains and circuit venting. (Based on 1995 NPC)

7.5. Island sink drains and venting (Based on 1995 NPC) Can a soil and waste stack or a wet vent also act a a relief vent.  (Based on 2005 NPC) Sink stack vents. (Based on 1995 NPC) Permitted branch connections to bottom of vent stack (Based on 1995 NPC) Can vent change to horizontal if not above flood level rim of fixture (Based on 1995 NPC) Does an exterior sump vent have to be connected to interior building vent system (Based on 1995 NPC) Increasing 3 inch vent to 4 inch above roof line. (Based on 2006 BCBC)  Relief Vent sizing. (Based on 1995 NPC) Are all building drains in dwelling units required to have a least one 3 inch vent connected to them.  (Based on 2005 NPC) Are air admitance valves permitted in a new dwelling unit as well as in a renovation.  (Based on 2005 NPC) Sizing recirculating systems. (Based on 1995 NPC) Which side is left for bathtub individual taps (Based on 1995 NPC) Location of vacum relief valve for hot water tank.(Based on 1995 NPC) Can sections of pipe be removed in order to provide the required drainage. (Based on 1995 NPC) Shut off valves for residential (Based on 1995 NPC) Shut off valves for hot water tank (Based on 1995 NPC) Is PVC schedule 40 accpeatable for high temperature discharge pipe (Based on 1995 NPC) Water heater pan drain to laundry P trap When should vacum relief valves for hot water tanks be installed (Based on 1995 NPC) When is thermal expasion prevention needed (Based on 1995 NPC) RV sewage disposal installations (Basen on 1995 NPC) Can 2 inch drain be installed downstream of water closet. (Based on 1995 NPC)

7.6.3. Sizing of water pipe for public or private use washrooms (Based on 1995 NPC)

7.6.3. Size of water distribution line to last urinal in group with 10 fixture units (Based on 1995 NPC) Water pipe sizing for dwelling units. (Based on 1995 NPC)

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